Meglin propellers
Advice and assistance in choosing the best option

Hello pilots, kitbuilders, 

aircraft designers & developers!

Let me introduce you to the finest, state-of-the-art composite propellers from Ukraine, manufactured by highly experienced professionals here in Kharkov and Kiev, the center of aerospace advancement.

Wooden propellers were pioneered here over a century ago; our company has built on this reputation of old-world craftsmanship, combined with the latest technology, testing, manufacturing and quality control measures.

Our company has been focused on Research & Development, and manufacturing of composites and adjustable pitch propellers for over 20 years!

Production at our modern facility is fast, efficient, and of the highest quality, using CAD/CAM computers and machinery, operated by skilled technicians.

Our products range from paragliding propellers used worldwide, to ultra-durable wind turbine blades.

We'd love to hear from you, and put you behind one of the best propellers in the world!

Hope to see you soon, in the air!

Currently, we are not only engaged in propellers. Take a look at other pages of this site and get acquainted with other topics: construction of boats, production of plastic parts, glasses, atomizers and other things.

Best Regards, Vladimir Meglinsky


- Designer of Kharkov aircraft factory,

- leading designer "Lilienthal" aviation company,

- participate in the development and certification of aircraft X-32,

- Chief Designer "Lilienthal" aviation company,

- CTO "Lilienthal" aviation company,

- participate in the development of X-34 aircraft,

- Editor Aviation magazine "General Aviation"

- chief editor of the aviation magazine "Wings. News light aircraft"

- chief editor of the  "Catalogue of light aviation in Russia and Ukraine."

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